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Are you looking for My Hero Academia T-shirts and other clothing items? Here at My Hero Academia Merchandise, we carry t-shirts, jackets, shoes, and hoodies with all your favorite heroes and villains from the amazing anime, Boku no Hero Academia! We have 3D-printed My Hero Academia hoodies, zip-up hoodies, sweatshirts, 3D-printed round neck t-shirts, ladies’ uniforms, dresses, 3D-printed shoes and so much more. We stock hundreds of designs for our very popular clothing line featuring detailed scenes from the series. Wearing our shirts and hoodies will feel like putting on the uniform for the most prestigious school in the world. Have you ever wondered how it would feel, wearing the uniforms of your favorite UA Class 1-A student? Let’s start with Bakugou’s famous costume.A black hoodie with a big ‘X’in the middle is all you need for other enthusiasts to recognize another My Hero Academia fan! You can get King Explosion Murder’s uniform or go in for the kill with our most popular uniform: that of our main protagonist, our shounen, Izuku Midoriya! Deku’s costume is a green zip-up hoodie with a distinctive black and white design. The designs on these My Hero Academia hoodies are 3D-printed and the hoodies themselves are made with high-quality polyester fabric. Wouldn’t you feel great wearing All Might’s uniform? You can wear the blue, yellow, and white uniform of our number one hero and symbol of peace, All Might. We carry all these from sizes small to 5XL. We know you’ll love another student from UA Class 1-A – Lemillion. Miro Togata is one of the most powerful students of UA with his quirk, Permeation. We won’t need to explain how cool it would be for you to have the costume hoodie of our Lemillion! It’s a white and red hoodie with yellow and blue linings with ‘1000000’ on the chest as his signature. It means that even if he can’t save everyone, he’ll always want to save at least one million people - a very heroic aspiration indeed! For our Shoto Todoroki hoodie, we made a very cool design to match the personality of our hero: red on the left arm, and blue on the right hand, representing his cold and hot quirk. There are lots of designs as well showing the unforgettable events that happened in the series. We also used cool fanart depictions of our favorite heroes, from the 100% full cowling of Izuku Midoriya to the weak form of the symbol of peace, All Might. Who can forget the scenes from Bakugou’s and Deku’s fight, and the one where Deku damaged his arms to fight Shoto Todoroki in the UA festival? Remember the dark shadow of the Jet-Black hero, Tokoyami? We used a fan-made design for a Tokoyami shirt, showing his costume and his Dark Shadow. We also have one that shows the most famous United States of Smash of All Might that stopped All For One. There’s also an appearance of All For One with the League of Villains and the 7th user of One For All – Nana Shimura. Villains also have a place in our team’s hearts, so we have a Himiko Toga pullover hoodie designed with Toga’s appearances on the manga. We just can’t get enough of her psycho looks, especially when she’s holding her knife covered in blood! We feature quite a lot of villains as well, like the blue fire of Dabi from the League of Villains. We made hundreds of designs for our high-quality My Hero Academia t-shirts, and we particularly picked the most unforgettable moments and our most favorite heroes and villains from the series to feature in them!

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