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We have lots of action figures here in My Hero Academia Merchandise. Have you browsed through all of them? We know you’ll love seeing your favorite Boku No Hero Academia heroes and villains as action figures, so we went ahead and had them made for you! We made sure you’ll have options especially for the main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku! We have a very special action figure for Deku wearing his hero costume, another detailed design of him with a serious look on his face and ready to battle, and another one of him wearing a green overall with his updated black and red sneakers. Other action figure designs also show a cute look of our favorite heroes –a Nendoroid Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou action figures wearing their hero costumes in a lot of stances. We also have to fight Midoriya and Bakugou, a cute Midoriya crying like a little child and the famous evil laugh of Bakugou in a cute Nendoroid design. If you’re into Funko Pop, then there are also My Hero Academia action figures in their Funko Pop forms. We also have keychains so you can bring the UA Class 1-A everywhere. There are also other designs showing our favorite heroes holding weapons like swords and staffs. You can have a Midoriya action figure holding a sword and wearing an old-school knight armor. You can also geta Shoto Todoroki action figure holding a sword in a fine, old historical suit. There’s also a Tenya Lida action figure in fine, full battle armor, complete with his famous eyeglasses. You can have a barbarian Bakugou that you can pair with a red dragon. You can also have a Todoroki-Deku action figure stand holder. See the finest design of Todoroki’s hot and cold quirk and Deku’s full cowling combined in one awesome action figure. We always have new and amazing designs for your collection. There’s no need for an introduction for our number one hero –All Might. We have a lot of action figures of this cool and powerful hero starting from a very special collectible All Might Model Toy with a detailed design of our hero wearing his famous blue, white, red, and yellow costume. It’s a must-have collectible, and it is made with high-grade materials. You can also have weakened All Might action figures that will make for a very nice piece on your collection. There are also lots of plate holders and keychains featuring All Might. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about Shoto Todoroki – half cold and half hot, but one fully amazing hero of UA Class 1-A, and the son of the terrifying hero, Endeavor. Our unique Shoto Todoroki action figures show his hot quirk on his left arm and the cold quirk on his right arm. He’s wearing his very simple hero costume – a blue overall with a white belt and white boots. This action figure shows a detailed look of Shoto’s face and costume, all made with a high-grade, new, and original material. It’s a must-have for all Todoroki fans. He also has an amazing battle action figure that comes with remote-controlled LED lights. It features a red and blue battle effect showing Todoroki’squirk and power. You can also see other designs of Shoto on plate holders and cute keychains. You can own action figures of Kirishima, Ochaco, Lemillion, Tokoyami, and other heroes. My Hero Academia Action Figures also portray our favorite villains, so you can also have your very own Himiko Toga and Tomura Sigaraki action figures!

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